ACCA - Think Ahead

About ACCA’s integrated report 2017

This is our sixth integrated report and it’s written in accordance with the International <IR> Framework. In it, we share our strategy, business model, performance, prospects and how we’re governed.  It’s our main way of demonstrating accountability to our members and other stakeholders.

  • Environment

    The economic and other factors we’re taking account of globally and how we’re thinking ahead on behalf of our members.

  • Business model

    How we create sustainable value for our members, the profession and the global economy.

  • Performance

    How we’ve performed against our Strategy to 2020 in the past 12 months, the challenges we’ve faced, and how we plan to build on this in the future.

Industry shapers

Our members and future members shape the profession globally. Here are just a few of their fantastic contributions that directly support our strategy.