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ACCA Integrated Report 2016 Our governance and leadership


Our governance and leadership

A global body needs global oversight. We are immensely proud of both the diversity and depth of experience contained in our Council – the elected body of 20 men and 16 women from 17 countries, all ACCA members, who are responsible for ACCA’s strategic direction and sustainability.

The core mission of ACCA’s Council, which underpins all of its activities, is to ensure that ACCA delivers the objectives stated in its Royal Charter. To achieve this, Council has a wide-ranging remit, geared to providing strategic direction for ACCA. Council members examine issues of broader and longer-term importance to ACCA, and help establish ACCA’s position on global developments in the profession as they arise. As such, Council members are volunteer custodians, elected by the membership of ACCA to provide overall stewardship as to ACCA’s wellbeing.

Council works closely with ACCA’s Executive Team to devise ACCA strategy, which is then approved by Council. Delivery of the strategy is the responsibility of the Executive Team, with governance of the process and performance tracking provided by Council. This means we therefore have clear divisions of duties and accountabilities between Council – as our governing body – and the Chief Executive and her Executive Team – as those ultimately responsible for the delivery of ACCA’s agreed strategy, on behalf of our membership. To find out more access biographies of our leadership.

Our governance and structure

Corporate governance in detail

In addition to this integrated report, we also produce a detailed annual Corporate Governance Statement. This contains in-depth information on how our governance arrangements satisfy the UK Corporate Governance Code, as issued by the UK Financial Reporting Council in September 2014.

Governance themes in 2015–16

The Special Business Resolutions proposed at our 2015 AGM showed us that pockets of our membership had concerns about how ACCA is governed and led. As a result of this, Council undertook a thorough review to look at what lessons we could learn from the debates and the eventual voting on the resolutions. With fewer than 6,000 of our 178,000 members voting, the review also looked at how we could encourage more ACCA members to vote on issues, which shape and influence our future.

This AGM Lessons Learned Task Force – led by vice-president, Leo Lee – has overseen this wide-ranging review covering member engagement, visibility of Council, advocacy and the ease of the voting process. This review concluded that our existing governance processes were highly robust but that ACCA needed to do more to explain this to our membership and showcase how it is developing ACCA on behalf of all members. This has included a focus on more and improved communications through all our channels on ACCA’s governance and strategy, which is central to our plans for 2016–17.