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inspire people everywhere in the world to choose ACCA

What this means in practice:
Ensuring we develop our accessible and flexible qualification so that it continues to provide the broad range of skills and professional values demanded by employers in every sector around the world and promoting this through a vibrant and forward-looking brand and marketing activity.

Strategic measure:
Number of students.

Why we use this indicator:
It shows the success we are having in extending the appeal of our qualification to the next generation of professional accountants and the strength of our membership pipeline.

Number of students


During the year, we recruited 107,536 new students, slightly more than we originally anticipated against what were very ambitious targets. This strong recruitment performance was seen consistently across all regions, reflecting the global power of the ACCA brand and the efforts of our market-facing teams. In terms of sectoral growth, we have seen stronger recruitment from undergraduates, driven by proactive marketing to degree holders and ongoing activity to embed the ACCA Qualification syllabus into relevant degree programmes. Consistent with the member picture, this increase in new students partially offset a greater than expected fall in existing student retention. This indicates we need to focus on retaining all those students we have worked hard to recruit, through even greater promotion of the proactive support we have invested in, to nurture them towards qualification.

We believe this reflects strong demand for what ACCA offers around the world and have set equally challenging growth targets for 2016-17.