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use our pre-eminent brand and reputation to influence the market 

What this means in practice:
That we aim to lead the profession in demonstrating the value professional accountants bring to society. This requires a strong, visible and credible brand.

Strategic measure:
Brand health, as assessed through ten elements covering brand awareness, brand stature, brand reputation and global market share.

Why we use this measure:
It gives us a rounded picture of brand resilience and impact across all main stakeholder groups.

Brand power

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  Actuals Targets
Measurement 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2015/16 2016/17
Members recommending ACCA† N/A 60.0% 60.6% 57.5% 62.0% 62.0%
Students recommending ACCA† N/A N/A 70.0% 71.1% 71.0% 71.5%
Affiliates recommending ACCA† N/A N/A 64.0% 65.4% 65.0% 66.0%
Approved Learning Providers recommending ACCA as first choice† N/A 86.5% 90.3% 91.2% 85.0% 86.0%
Key employers preferring to recruit and train ACCAs† N/A 46.0% 44.0% 35% 47% 48.0%
Members, students and affiliates agreeing ACCA is a visionary brand† N/A N/A 72.3% 71.1% 73.0% 73.0%
Members, students and affiliates agreeing ACCA champions the profession† N/A 66.7% 70.0% 68.9% 71.0% 71.0%
Members agreeing ACCA promotes public value† N/A 66.8% 67.5% 67.2% 69.0% 69.5%
Employers believing ACCA provides relevant skills for their business† N/A N/A 84.0% 88% 85.0% 86.0%
Share of total members of ACCA, ICAEW, AICPA, CIMA and CPA Australia 18.1% 18.4% 19.0% 19.5% 19.4% 19.5%

   Target achieved

† survey-based measures derived from the member and student surveys are considered achieved if the results are within, or in excess of, 2.5% points of the target stated. These allowances account for expected survey variations. Results based on 3,205 members, 1,546 affiliates, 6,368 students and 560 employers surveyed globally.


  Actuals Targets
Element 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2015/16 2016/17
Overall brand power N/A N/A 80% achieved 80% achieved 80% achieved 80% achieved

   Target achieved

  • Delivering and enhancing the brand recognition of ACCA:

    Developments to the ACCA Qualification are at the heart of this. In 2016-17, we invested significantly in our core product by introducing four exam sittings a year across all our markets to respond to the needs of students and employers.

    We’ve also developed a new style of session computer-based exams (CBEs) for papers F5-F9, designed to reflect the needs and expectations of the modern workplace, which we’ll begin to introduce from September 2016. These CBEs are different from our on-demand CBEs available for Foundations in Accountancy and papers F1-F4 (English and Global), with a mix of objective test, objective test case and constructed response (long question) question types, requiring examiner/expert marking. These session CBEs will require the use of spreadsheets and word processing in answers, whilst also balancing detailed technical knowledge and the broader application of that knowledge. By increasing the relevance and maintaining the rigour of our exams, our session CBEs will mean we can continue to meet the demands and skills required by employers. The planned introduction of this exciting new breed of ACCA exams will include providing teaching and learning support to our tuition providers and students. We have a full support plan which will include videos, webinars and specimen exams so that they are fully prepared for session CBEs and in particular using the new question types.

    And finally, we introduced changes to our practical experience requirements to bring them up-to-date with current and emerging demands from employers.

    All this was developed while upholding the rigour and integrity on which the high reputation of ACCA’s Qualification, and the members it produces, rests. This focus on investment in the ACCA Qualification will continue in 2016-17 as we roll out further major enhancements to how we educate the next generation of ACCA members.

  • Continuing to build our strong and distinctive global brand:

    We continued to roll out our ‘Think Ahead’ brand positioning and identity, including a new integrated marketing campaign on the theme of ‘Millions of global opportunities, one global Qualification’ to refresh and reinforce our brand in the minds of potential students and those who employ and train them.

  • Ensuring our reputation and influence are driven by our enduring commitment to public value and professionalism:

    We produced our fourth integrated report, cited by IIRC as an example of leading practice in the field and as being ‘highly readable, striking a good balance between narrative discussion and visual storytelling‘. We also produced our first communication on progress as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and have begun preparing to report on gender pay and how we safeguard against modern slavery in our supply chain, in preparation for legislation which will come into force in our next reporting cycle.

Key partnership agreements in 2015–16

We have continued to build partnerships that promote the global value of professional accountants, ACCA and our contribution to business and society.

Capacity-building projects in 2015–16

Working to ensure ACCA is the international leader in contributing to capacity-building: major projects undertaken and won by ACCA during 2015–16 included:

Delivering policy insight and research projects

Delivering a superior programme of policy insight and research projects, tailored to local needs and with public value at their core:

We reconfigured the team leading our professional insights work, aligning the policy and research we produce to the emerging needs of the marketplace and also to better support ACCA’s own strategic development and thinking. We produced 32 professional insights reports during the year across the full gamut of technical topics related to the profession.