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demonstrate the value of a lasting relationship with ACCA 

What this means in practice:
That we deliver and communicate the tangible value of a relationship with ACCA to our members, students and other stakeholders so that they remain committed to us and advocate for us.

Strategic measure:
Member and student satisfaction

Why we use this measure:
This demonstrates the overall happiness of our members and students with our brand and services

Member and student satisfaction

YearGrowth Actual Target

Although we have improved overall satisfaction year-on-year for the first time in five years, we are disappointed that our efforts were not sufficient to meet our target of returning satisfaction to at least 2012-13 levels. The overall improvement was the result of strong increases in student satisfaction (up 4%, year-on-year, to its highest level in five years) and affiliate satisfaction (also up 4%, year-on-year, again the highest level since 2011-12).

This was driven by improvements in how students see their relationship with ACCA and the support and resources we provide. Agreement from students that ‘ACCA offers flexibility to fit studying around my life’ increased by 9%, year-on-year, with 89% telling us that the implementation of four exam sittings was a positive change which would benefit them.

For members, we saw marginal declines in how members perceive their relationship with ACCA, ratings of affordability and value for money and opinion of the ACCA brand have all led to a slight decline in overall member satisfaction (down 0.5%). The most significant shift in underlying factors is member agreement that ACCA is committed to high standards of qualification, declining by 6%. From this, it’s clear that we need to be communicating more regularly, fully and clearly how we are ensuring the high standards for which ACCA’s Qualification is valued are being maintained. As a result, communications to members will be a key plank of any announcements we make to changes to our core product.

As in 2014–15, these consolidated results mask telling differences in opinion between markets. We have conducted in-depth analysis on results across our markets and have country-specific action plans to address drivers of satisfaction by locality and customer group.