Strategy and Risk

Our Strategy

Our Strategy to 2020

Our Strategy to 2020 vision is for ACCA to be #1 in developing professional accountants the world needs. We want ACCA members to be seen as world leaders in the profession; for their skills and the impact of their contribution. 

To do that, our outputs – from the ACCA Qualification right through to our Professional Insights – should be unrivalled. They should respond to anticipate the needs of business and society. Our brand should also reflect this high level of aspiration and dedication.

To help achieve our Strategy to 2020, we track six key performance indicators. They are: Our Vision, Our Difference, Attract, Lead, Develop and Sustain. 

Members are core to the very existence of ACCA and are at the heart of everything we do. Through our 2020 Strategy we aim to secure a vibrant future for ACCA and our membership.

Our vision for 2020

Our vision

To be #1 in developing professional accountants the world needs

Our difference

reach, relevance and resources


On behalf of our members

Inspire people everywhere in the world to choose ACCA


Grow our network to support our stakeholders to achieve their goals


Demonstrate the value of a lasting relationship with ACCA


Use our pre-eminent brand and reputation to influence the market


to deliver
Customer-centered solutions

Driven by superior market insights

High-performing people

Motivated to deliver our strategy


Across all of our operations

Flexible delivery

Digitally enabled and flexible delivery that is responsive to evolving customer needs

Our focus in 2016-17

Each year we focus on a number of strategic priorities. They respond to particular challenges or areas where we feel we should have done better in the preceding year.

In 2016-17, our strategic priorities were:

  • Delivering member value

    by investing in our relationship with our members, demonstrating ACCA’s reputation and value to them, and showing ACCA is a lifetime career partner.

  • Promoting our new exam flexibility

    so that students take full advantage of our new four session model globally, improving their progress to membership and benefiting their employers.

  • Growing our pipeline

    through the recruitment of those capable of success and being more proactive in helping our students and members along their ACCA journey.