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About ACCA

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a global professional accountancy body, incorporated by Royal Charter in the UK.

With 208,549 members and 503,262 students in 179 countries at 31 March 2018, our community of current and future professional accountants is one of the largest and most diverse in the world.

Founded in 1904, ACCA’s development has been enabled by our distinctive core values: 


We provide opportunity, free from artificial barriers, to people around the world – whether our students, members or employees – and we support them in their careers.


We respect and value difference, embracing diversity in our people and our output.


We create new and unexpected possibilities, providing innovative solutions for the future.


We accept individual and corporate responsibility for our actions, working together to deliver quality services and to promote the best interest of our stakeholders.


We act ethically and work in the public interest, treating people fairly and honestly and we encourage the same from others.

Our mission is to be a global leader in the profession by: 

  • providing opportunity and open access to people of ability wherever they are in the world
  • supporting and promoting the highest ethical, governance and professional standards 
  • and advancing the public interest.

We do this by qualifying and regulating members to the same high standard globally, with the ACCA Qualification officially benchmarked to Master's level and recognised on a variety of national educational frameworks around the world. 

In a number of markets – including the UK, Ireland, and the European Union – ACCA has the legal authority directly to license and regulate its members to work in a number of regulated areas, including public practice.

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ACCA is one of the world’s foremost professional bodies. A leader in the international accountancy profession, we’re proudly global. What makes us special is the unique combination of our:

  • reach – our global network, outlook and ambition with 208,000 members and 503,000 students across 179 countries
  • relevance – our ACCA Qualification, designed to be relevant across sectors and geographies and equipping members with the skills they need to thrive now and in the future
  • resources – our scale and ability to generate, leverage and deliver value on behalf of our members, through 104 offices and centres across 52 countries and 1,338 employees.

About this report

This is our seventh annual integrated report and the fourth prepared in accordance with the international <IR> framework (published by the IIRC in 2013). It’s designed to give readers – and especially anyone whose success is dependent on ACCA, such as our members, students, learning providers and employers – an insight into the strategic thinking that drives ACCA forward, encompassing our strategy, governance, performance and prospects in the context of our global environment.

This year, we have referenced those aspects of our strategy that make an explicit contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to 2030, recognising our responsibility towards, and contribution to, these goals.


Oversight and responsibility

The Audit Committee of Council scrutinises this report in detail, which Council then approves. In this way, Council is ultimately responsible for ensuring the report’s integrity. The Audit Committee has confirmed that it has applied its collective mind to the preparation and presentation of this report and that, in its considered opinion, it is presented in accordance with the international <IR> framework.

External assurance

In addition to assuring our detailed consolidated financial statements, our external auditor also provides assurance of our performance, covering all our strategic outcomes and capability measures.

Learn how our connections help everyone

Since 1904, ACCA has forged powerful relationships – across countries, sectors, and our varied stakeholders – that have helped build a strong global profession.

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