It’s designed to give anyone whose success depends on ACCA – especially our members, future members, learning providers and employers – insight into the strategic thinking that drives ACCA forward, encompassing our strategy, governance, performance and prospects in the context of our global environment.

About this ACCA annual report

Oversight and responsibility


ACCA’s Audit Committee scrutinises this report in detail, which Council then approves. In this way, Council is ultimately responsible for ensuring the report’s integrity.

Audit Committee has confirmed that it has applied its collective mind to the preparation and presentation of this report and that, in its considered opinion, it is presented in accordance with the international <IR> framework.


External assurance


In addition to assuring our detailed consolidated financial statements, our external auditor also provides assurance over our performance to Council, covering all our strategic outcomes.


Want more detail?

We aim to keep this report concise, while covering everything required by the international <IR> framework. If you’d like to know anything you can’t find here, or you’d like to give us feedback, please contact us at: