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Our three areas of critical strategic focus for 2021-22 are set out below:

  • Member support: we want every member to value and retain their relationship with ACCA. In 2021-22, we will support their careers and employability, and give them access to relevant information and upskilling opportunities so they can contribute to a sustainable global recovery.
  • Student progression: we want every student to value and progress their journey with ACCA. In 2021-22, we’ll give our students all the support they need to confidently enter and pass their exams. To enable this, we’ll run exams in as many markets as possible, bolstering capacity through online exams with remote supervision.
  • A sustainable organisation: in 2021-22, we will keep innovating to meet the needs of our customers and investing in our future. Transforming how we operate will strengthen our flexibility and financial resilience, delivering organisational efficiencies. This will free us up to create maximum impact and seize new opportunities as we deliver the strategy to 2025.

We have agreed the following targets against these areas of focus:

Critical strategic focus measure 2020-21 result 2021-22 target
Critical strategic focus measure Member retention 2020-21 result 97% 2021-22 target 97%
Critical strategic focus measure Inclusion: % agree that ACCA acts with members’ and future members’ best interests at heart 2020-21 result 67.4% 2021-22 target 70%
Critical strategic focus measure Financial sustainability 2020-21 result £20.3m surplus before tax 2021-22 target £1.8m surplus before tax
Critical strategic focus measure Future member retention 2020-21 result 83.8% 2021-22 target 83.8%
Critical strategic focus measure Progression: % of students passing an exam in the year 2020-21 result 29.3% 2021-22 target 31.6%

We look forward to delivering on all of this – on behalf of all our stakeholders, but especially our members and future members – over the next 12 months.