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Our focus for 2018–19

Our focus for 2018-19 and beyond

Next year, we’ll focus on one key priority as an organisation – maximising the global impact of the ACCA Qualification – working with our partners, members and future members to deliver our promise and ensure shared success. 

This will see the entire organisation working together to make sure everyone we rely on to deliver the ACCA Qualification alongside us can adopt and champion our innovations. In focusing on this, we’re recognising that the successful delivery of the ACCA Qualification is central to everything we do and everything we stand for. This will include:

  • introducing our Strategic Professional examinations – including the new integrated case study exam, Strategic Business Leader, in September 2018
  • withdrawing paper exams across 65 markets and continuing to roll out computer-based exams for papers F5 – F9
  • aligning our competency framework and CPD offering to the qualification changes and our seven professional quotients
  • delivering a wide range of support and guidance to learning providers and students to ensure they are engaged and supported through the changes
  • creating even greater visibility of the ACCA brand, including our sponsorship of the World Congress of Accountants 2018 in Sydney.

We’ll also be working on our Strategy to 2025, engaging our whole global network to gather and analyse trends that are likely to shape our future.

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Since 1904, ACCA has forged powerful relationships – across countries, sectors, and our varied stakeholders – that have helped build a strong global profession.

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