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Demonstrate the value of a
lasting relationship with ACCA

Member and student satisfaction† - Five year performance

Year Growth Actual Target
2013-14 71%
2014-15 70%
2015-16 72%
2016-17 76.9%
2017-18 80.7%* 78%
2018-19 80%

† Survey measures for students, members and affiliates are judged achieved if within +/- 1.5% of the target to allow for accepted survey variations. Based on 35,194 members, affiliates and students responding globally.

*Includes following data: Members: 79.5%, Students: 82.5%, Affiliates: 75.7%.

  • What this means in practice: 

    We deliver and communicate the tangible value of a relationship with us to our members and students so that they remain committed to, and advocate for, ACCA.

  • Strategic measure: 

    Member and student satisfaction.

  • Why we use this measure:

    It shows the overall happiness of members and students with our brand and services.


We’re delighted to see satisfaction rising again this year, reflecting increases across our member, affiliate and student categories. Our final combined satisfaction score was 80.7%, an increase of 3.8 percentage points last year’s result, meaning that overall satisfaction is at its highest level since 2010.


Member satisfaction rose to 79.5%, an increase of 3.1 percentage points on last year – its highest level since 2012. 

Our focus on delivering member value in 2018-19 has been a driving factor behind these improved scores.

In addition to further developing member services and support, we believe sustained engagement – particularly around our global 200,000 members celebrations and our ACCA Qualification – the future innovations – has increased pride and confidence amongst members. We’re aiming to maintain this high level of satisfaction in the coming year, with our customer journeys work enabling us to further improve members’ ACCA experience.


Our student satisfaction stands at 82.5%, up 4.4 percentage points on last year. 

This has been driven by significant improvements in value for money/affordability metrics across the year – the number one driver of satisfaction for students – and perceptions around ACCA’s commitment to helping students succeed. The investment we’ve made in ACCA resources to support students through their exams and our indirect support through better and deeper engagement with learning providers have been significant factors in driving improvement.


Affiliates satisfaction has increased to 75.7%, which is an increase of 5.1 percentage points on last year. Of these, 48% report that they are very satisfied (the highest level of endorsement), up 7 percentage points on last year. 

Employability and career progression is the top driver of satisfaction for affiliates and all measures relating to this have increased in the past 12 months. Strong progress has also been seen in satisfaction with ACCA’s support and assistance in gaining relevant work experience.

Although we’ve seen the largest increase in overall satisfaction amongst affiliates, the fact that this remains at a lower level than that of members and students means we need to continue to focus on supporting this group through the specific challenges they face.

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