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Five year performance - membership levels

Year Growth Actual Target
2013-14 4.7% 169,602
2014-15 5.1% 178,169
2015-16 5.9% 188,837
2016-17 5.5% 198,614
2017-18 5% 208,549 207,600
2018-19 218,000
  • What this means in practice: 

    By delivering our strategic outcomes (Attract, Develop, Sustain and Lead), ACCA and our Qualification will be seen as leading the profession in innovation and quality. This means ACCA will be the most sought-after global designation in the profession and the clear choice for individuals and employers seeking an internationally-recognised accountancy qualification.

  • Strategic measure applied: 

    Number of members. 

  • Why we use this measure: 

    The expertise and ethics of our members are the main way we create value. The number who invest in our Qualification shows the value and utility of our brand in the global marketplace.

  • Commentary

    We had another strong year of member growth, reaching 208,549 members globally and exceeding our growth expectations. We welcomed record numbers of new members during the year, with 15,249 members joining our ranks from 120 countries, over 1,000 more than we expected. 

    This strong intake is contrasted with a pattern of falling member retention. While retention remains relatively high at 97.4% globally, we’ve seen it decline over the past few years. Part of this trend is the natural result of a maturing membership, but there are challenges we need to address in explaining and promoting our revised reduced subscription policy and in markets where members routinely hold more than one professional accountancy qualification. 

    Our global and country-specific member retention activity will continue in 2018-19 and we’ll also be undertaking detailed work to better understand retention drivers by market. Nevertheless, our member satisfaction and brand perception scores indicate that the value of ACCA provides is well understood and appreciated by members and so we believe we have strong fundamentals to build on.

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