Employees and member volunteers


Learning providers, universities, employers, accountancy and other professional bodies

IT infrastructure and digital capability

Intellectual property and brand

Financial capital

Fees and subscriptions


Use our pre-eminent brand to influence the market


Inspire people everywhere in the world to choose ACCA


Grow our network to support our stakeholders to achieve their goals


Demonstrate the value of a lasting relationship with ACCA

Supported by our investment in customer centred solutions, high-performing people, operational excellence and digitally enabled flexible delivery

Key outputs

A global network of partnerships that bring value to our global membership

High-performing people across our operations and governance

Ethical professional accountants with the skills required globally

Widespread market and statutory recognition

Best-in-class products and services

Key outcomes

Support and opportunities around the world

Meeting the global demand from employers for a broad range of skills and a strong ethical compass

Unrivalled global mobility for our members

A distinctive contribution to the development of accountancy and business thought and practice globally

Customer satisfaction

The accountancy profession the world needs (ACCA’s vision)

Efficient and effective
organisations that are responsibly run

Public value

(supports UN SDGs 4, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13)